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The RM 200 million Sungai Segget Fiasco

DAP Johor calls on Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin and Johor State Government to instruct Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB) to sack Iskandar Region Development Authority (IRDA) immediately from managing the RM 200 million Sungai Segget project which caused another flood in Johor Bahru yesterday. It is the worst way to usher in a new year… Read More

Respon ringkas oleh Ahli Parlimen Kluang terhadap Jawapan Parlimen Menteri Dalam Negeri

Dalam lima tahun kebelakangan ini, sejak saya memasuki Parlimen pada tahun 2008, saya telah meminta Kementerian Dalam Negeri untuk menyenaraikan tindakan-tindakan yang telah diambil oleh PDRM terhadap cadangan Laporan Suruhanjaya Diraja Penambahbaikan Perjalanan dan Pengurusan PDRM. Suruhanjaya Diraja tersebut diumumkan oleh mantan Perdana Menteri Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pada Disember 2003 dan laporan akhir diserah… Read More

BR1M is no substitute for holistic economic policies for the bottom 60%

BR1M (one Malaysia assistance programme) is no substitute for holistic economic policies that improve the welfare of the bottom 60% and the overall economy. It is foolish of UMNO ministers to think that BR1M receipients do not know this.  UMNO ministers and big shots seems to think that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is making a… Read More

Call on the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Long Distance Bus Industry

The 14 deaths of the Pagoh Bus Crash on 24th December 2016 shall not die in vain like all those involved in bus crashes before them. Life and death is a serious matter and one that involves so many deaths should be treated more seriously than just a casual, bureacratic response. As an immediate step,… Read More

Deeply saddened by another fatal bus crash

On Christmas eve, Johoreans and Malaysians wake up to the news of another fatal bus crash. An express bus travelling north plunged into a ravine of the North South Expressway at KM137 near Kampung Jayo, Pagoh, killing 13 people and injuring 17 others. DAP Johor expresses our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased… Read More

The battlelines: fear vs hope; race politics vs the rise of the 99%

The next General Election will see starkly opposing battle cries presented by UMNO and the Opposition: UMNO uses fear as its theme while the Opposition creates hope; UMNO plays the race card, the Opposition speaks for the 99%. Despite being very long-winded, the speech by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak at the UMNO general… Read More

Khaled Nordin the Merchant of Fear

Johor Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin’s speech at the State Assembly yesterday was a telltale sign of our times: that even the more studious Khaled Nordin is now desperately launching racial attack against DAP, suggesting that the DAP fights for only Chinese and ignores the political aspirations of the Malays and Indians. These are of course… Read More

The government is finally committed to amend laws that gives discretionary powers to judges on the imposition of the death penalty and to expedite the implementation of a moratorium on all executions.

The 2017 Budget speech, once again saw Members of Parliament in the House reminding the government on its pledge to abolish the mandatory death penalty by amending the existing laws or to draft a new bill to grant discretionary powers to the courts, as well as on the urgency for a moratorium on all pending… Read More

DAP Johor in 2017 

2017 may turn out to be the most important year in Malaysia’s 60 years of nationhood. For change to happen, Johor will be the most important battleground in Semenanjung Malaysia. And DAP Johor shall do its best in presenting clear choices for the people of Johor to decide on the future of Johor and Malaysia. Values  Justice (adil), Clean (Bersih) and solidariti (solidarity)… Read More

Barisan Nasional losing two-thirds majority in Johor

With the appointment of Shahruddin Sallah, Jorak State Assemblyman, as Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) Secretary-General, Barisan Nasional effectively loses its two-thirds majority in the Johor State Assembly. DAP Johor welcomes the development as part of the broader political realignment at both Johor and national levels. The Johor State Assembly has 56 seats. In the… Read More