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Watch my exclusive take on a wide-range of current issues from politics to policies, including the matter of identity, economics, society, institutional reforms and defence.


Liew Chin Tong


Like thousands of Malaysians, I believe that Malaysia deserves a better deal. Our story is not over. Together, we are working to rebuild a nation where all Malaysians matter.


Our Stand

To build a Malaysia where all Malaysians matter, the center must hold together. Malaysians deserve a better deal, a New Deal.


Our Say

Malaysians would be better off if our institutions are adapted to suit Malaysia’s new normal of having coalition governments formed by parties of similar strength. Not having a single dominant party in the foreseeable future would help us to position ourselves to achieve stable governments and coalitions worthy of voters’ support.


Luaskan Harapan

Empowering youth, women and workers to unleash the economic potential of Johor. Semi-urban areas are the backbone of Malaysia, where economic necessity cuts across generations and race groups.


Made for the community

Change – big or small – starts with the communities around us. Join me in this journey.


Latest in Johor politics

Current developments in Johor’s political arena including recent statement and articles.

My latest book

In this book, Liew Chin Tong contextualizes the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan coalition and the new government’s political consolidation. This work is a documentation of events and policy recommendations for the 100 days following the installation of a new government in March 2020, the mitigative efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and the lasting economic impact on the nation.