Nineteen seventy-four

I am thinking to write an article reflecting on the recent political situations but couldn’t find sufficient time to sit down and develop it in a coherent manner.

Perhaps let me share it with you here in pointer form.

  • Within UMNO, there is a view that the March 8th election was an abnormalywhich can be “corrected” with a strong leader.
  • Those within UMNO are hoping that Dato’ Seri Najib will do a Tun Razak.
  • UMNO and the Alliance lost badly in the 1969 election but won comfortably in the 1974 election. Between the years, Tun Razak used all means available to him including coersion, cooption and oppresion to eliminate the opposition.
  • I am not suggesting this will happen but this is something we may have to beware of.
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