Better ‘lock’ than sorry

Motorcyclists have to change their ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude and start double locking their machines as it only takes a thief less than a minute to ‘hotwire’ them.

Sjn M. Veera (from second right) showing Ong and Liew how easy it is to steal a motorcycle. (Pic. The Star)
Sjn M. Veera (from second right) showing Ong and Liew how easy it is to steal a motorcycle. (Pic. The Star)

Air Itam police station assistant officer-in-charge Sjn M. Veera said many motorcyclists tended to leave their machines unlocked thinking that they would not be stolen.

“Locking is very easy and it saves the motorcyclist time and money as a thief will not target a machine which has been double locked.

“When we are on our patrols and come across any unlocked motorcycles, we will release the tyre air so thieves will not be able to steal them.

“It might be a bit troublesome for the owners to refill the air but it is better than having their vehicles stolen,” he said during a monthly dialogue session with Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong, Kebun Bunga assemblyman Jason Ong Khan Lee and Rifle Range residents at the Rifle Range Rukun Tetangga Centre in Penang recently.

The police also said a total of 15 motorcycles were stolen in the area from January to last month. Four of them have since been recovered.
Ong said the session was held on a monthly basis to help solve problems faced by residents.

The Star

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