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A Burger seller from Tanjong Tokong in Penang is appealing to the public to help save his nine-month-old daughter’s life.

Mohd Husaif Hussein, 24, is worried sick as his daughter, Nur Aisha Sofia, is in dire need of funds for a major heart surgery.

Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong said doctors told him the operation must be performed within the next 10 days or the girl would be in “great danger”.

“Her heart is failing and her parents cannot afford the RM45,000 medical bill,” said Liew.

“There are only four surgeons in Malaysia able to perform this operation — all of whom are in private hospitals. Only one surgeon is in Penang.

“Her mother is a post office clerk and the family’s monthly household income is only RM1,500,” Liew told a press conference at the Penang Hospital on Saturday where Nur Aisha was warded.

He said the girl’s heart condition was discovered when she underwent a hernia operation last month for a swelling in the groin area, a condition that can occur in both genders.

“During the operation, she had difficulty breathing and turned blue. Her artery was not pumping blood to the brain.

“She actually suffers from two major heart problems — a hole in the heart and artery failure,” Liew said.

Those who wish to help Nur Aisha can call Liew’s chief of staff, Carol Lim at 012-2326101. The cheque can cited to “Pulau Pinang Clinic Sdn Bhd”, and also mention that in behind of the cheque: “For Hospital Bill of Nur Aisha Sofia”, together with her IC no.: “080730-07-0370” and Birth certificate no.:“BZ90607”.

Thank you so much!

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