Birthday milestone for heart patient

Nur Aisha cutting her birthday cake with Iza Fazlinas help. With them is Liew (white shirt). (pic. The Star)

Three months ago, Iza Fazlina Mohd Nor thought she would be losing her only child Nur Aisha Sofia Mohd Husaif due to her heart condition.

But thanks to public generosity, Nur Aisha is able to live a normal life and yesterday she celebrated her first birthday.

Looking very lively in the arms of her mother, the baby was happily blowing the candle and cutting the birthday cake with the help of mother after her friends and relatives sang the birthday song at her home in Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

Nur Aisha Sofia underwent major heart surgery at a private hospital in Penang on May 11 with funds raised from the public.

Her heart condition was discovered when she underwent a hernia operation in April. During the operation, she had difficulty breathing and turned blue.

Her artery was not pumping blood to the brain and she was found to have two major heart problems — a hole in the heart and artery failure.

Iza Fazlina said she felt blessed to be able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

“I thought I would be losing her but now here she is, safe and sound in my arms just like any other child.

“I pray for her health and I wish she’ll have more birthdays to come,” the 26-year-old post office clerk said.

Recalling the worries and tears shed three months ago, Iza Fazlina said she remembered her fear when doctors told her the operation had to be performed within the next 10 days or the baby would be in “great danger”.

“Having her was the greatest gift in life but the next minute, I was told that I could be losing her,” she said.

The family, who are currently staying at a temporary housing project for the 2007 Tanjong Tokong fire victims, had earlier appealed to the public to help fund the baby’s RM45,000 medical bills.

Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong, who was also present at the celebration, said his service team together with the the Taman Gottlieb DAP branch members managed to raise RM26,618 from the pu-blic while the remaining amount came from other well-wishers.

The Star

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