Caution against creating new Orders found in the Consitution of Johore

Laws of the Constitution of Johore
First Part, Article 63:
Caution against creating new Orders
‘Although it is stated in this Law that the said Orders shall be used and perpetuated it is not forbidden or interdicted to the Sovereign to make, create, and institute other Orders and Badges of Honour and Dignity, for the Sovereign is the fountain of all honours and dignities; but it is reminded that no other Order shall be made, created, and instituted merely for the sake of increasing and multiplying the number of Orders, without considering carefully and well whether it would be useful and desirable to create new Orders, because too great a number and too much display in the country of tokens of honour and dignity will have the effect of diminishing their estimation and value, especially in the case of a small State.

Johore Constitution is the oldest in the country, promugated in 1895. As we can see, how wise is the hands that penned the constitution of Johore to recognize that the value of the Orders lies in its rarity.

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