On the morning of 11 January 2010, YB Mujahid Yusof Rawa, MP for Parit Buntar, called me asking if my office could organise a dialogue for him as a representative of PAS with the church leaders in Penang. The main objective was for Mujahid to speak to leaders of the Christian faith where PAS stands in the recent issue of the word ‘Allah’.

YB Liew Chin Tong the MP for Bukit Bendera and I then decided that the date would be 2 days from then and to be held at DAP Bukit Bendera MP’s office for the small gathering of about 10-15 people.

I was thinking of contacting the Catholic churches, hoping to meet and invite the Bishop but God led me to the parish priest instead. He was very supportive of the idea and without much delay, work was in progress….phone calls, invitation, sms, arrangements, etc. Everything went so smoothly and news of the dialogue just spread like a wild fire.

On the actual day at Dewan Holy Spirit, 4 speakers were up on the stage. They were YB Mujahid Rawa from PAS, YB Chow Koon Yeow from DAP, YB Abdul Malik from PKR and Mr. Anil Netto, a social activist and a blogger. Despite the short notice, a total turnout of about 300 people came and took part in the dialogue. The entire session was a closed door event with no coverage from reporters (although they were there)and taking of photographs being disallowed throughout the session. It ended well without any interference from the authorities.

The dialogue session was indeed like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle being put together by a pair of unseen hands.

Martin Lim
SPecial Assistant to Bukit Bendera MP

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