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March 3

I was surprised to see The Nut Graph’s posting “No replies for 1 March 2010” which has shown my name as one of the MPs who have not replied to the six questions under MP Watch: Eye on Parliament as of Monday, 1 March 2010, the end of a two-week deadline imposed by the online newspaper.

Last night, I spoke to Jacqueline Ann Surin, The Nut Graph’s editor, to register my displeasure about such an unfair and unprofessional journalistic practice.

By putting my name up there, the impression given was that there were no communication between The Nut Graph and myself. But the true representation of the situation is that I had requested for a face-to-face interview and it was scheduled that one Patrick Kratzenstein would interview me at 6p.m. today (3rd March 2010).

The competing demands on my time due to Chinese New Year celebrations as well as the ongoing political developments lately, I figured that an interview is more convenient. If only they know the hectic life of a wakil rakyat.

Those who follow my writings would know that I have articulated my positions on the listed questions.

I have since declined to continue my participation in the project. I will articulate my views on the questions through other avenues.

Liew Chin Tong

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