Form a select committee on NEM

Bukit Bendera DAP MP Liew Chin Tong stressed that the NEM needs undergo thorough consultation and affirms its commitment to the people.

“I think one of the very major institution that he (Najib) has to consult is the Parliament and I hereby request that a select committee to be established,” said Liew.

“What the government should do is to form a bipartisan committee with people from both sides and to do national public hearing.”

He urged for a special sitting to be arranged so that the MPs can debate the NEM and not to be bundled with the 10th Malaysia Plan.

“This is because these are two economic concepts – one is prepared by National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC) and the other is prepared by EPU (Economic Planning Unit).

“As far as I know, EPU and NEAC takes a slightly different approach and documents are also very different,” said Liew.

According to Liew, the 10th Malaysia Plan is only given six days of debate, which he said is “grossly insufficient”.

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