Visit Singapore – World Cities Summit 2010

Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng will be visiting Singapore on 29th June – till 1st July 2010 to attend the World Cities Summit 2010 on the invitation of Minister of National Development Mr. Mah Bow Tan. The Singapore government has invited the Chief Minister to attend this Summit which will bring together practitioners and policy makers with leading experts in their field to identify innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing cities today.

This summit will offer leaders, mayors, policy makers and the civil society a strategic platform to attend a high-level summit, plenary sessions, networking forums and technical workshop. The theme for the second Summit is “Liveable and Sustainable Cities for the Future” focusing on leadership and governance and building liveable and sustainable communities.

As the most livable city in Malaysia on par with Kuala Lumpur ranked by ECA International, this summit will help to acquire knowledge and skill-sets required to allow Penang to evolve and sustain this critical competitive edge. Penang has also been ranked 8th most livable city in Asia and 64th globally. The Chief Minister will be also be one of the 8 panel speakers in the Ministerial Dialogue “Leading the Change: Building Liveable and Vibrant Cities”. This dialogue gathers past and present practitioners of governance, urban theorists and planners from around the world to discuss the need to build sustainable cities through leadership in the government and urban planning.

Besides that, the delegation will be giving a media briefing on 30th June 2010 about the various projects in Penang available for open tenders such as Fort Cornwallis, Gold Bazaar, Bayan Mutiara and Craig Hotel. The briefing will be conducted at SunTech Convention Center, Singapore and has been listed as one of the media events by the World Cities Summit 2010.

The Chief Minister will be accompanied by Y.B. Liew Chin Tong , MP for Bukit Bendera; Puan Zailena Noordin, General Manager of PDC (Penang Development Corporation) Properties and Wong Kim Fei, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (Press).

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