The Speech of YB Liew Chin Tong, Executive Director of REFSA at the book launch of ‘Overcoming Corruption: The Essentials’, 15 Nov 2010

The Speech of YB Liew Chin Tong, Executive Director of REFSA at the book launch of ‘Overcoming Corruption: The Essentials’, 15 Nov 2010
Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Abu Kassim, YBM Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz, Distinguished guest from the Embassies, guest from the media, ladies and gentlemen,

It is my great honour to welcome you to this morning’s event, the launch of ‘Overcoming Corruption: The Essentials’ authored by Mr Betrand De Speville. It is my hope that with the launch of the book, the anticorruption endeavour in Malaysia will be re-energized.

For my colleagues and I at Research for Social Advancement, this is an important day for us. Over the last year or so, we have been trying to focus our research on institutional reforms in hope of contributing to the advancement of a democratic society.

At REFSA, we aspire to be both thinkers and advocates of policy. Indeed it is not enough to just make rhetorical comments; REFSA is also in the business of translating ideas and ideals into reality.

Malaysia is at a historical juncture. We are often caught in the middle, not only in the sphere of economics, in which it is said that we are caught in the middle income trap, but also in governance reform, in culture, in efforts to combat corruption.

We are neither here nor there. While we can still claim that we are better off than many, I believe that Malaysia has not live up to her full potential yet. It is in this context that REFSA aspires to lead the pack in the sphere of thought and idea mongering.

Mr De Speville’s book fits into REFSA’s mandate very well. It is so comprehensive yet practical, realistic; and implementable, in fact tested with his vast experiences as the Commissioner to the Hong Kong Independent Commission against Corruption.
This brings me to my final point that it is indeed our honour to have Mr De Speville here this morning. I am made to understand that he will visit MACC tomorrow.

To Mr De Speville, thank you for being here, as your presence reminds us a society free of corruption is a possible dream, if only the best practices, as you lay down in the book, can be adopted by the policy-makers and the local community alike.

Finally, please allow me express my gratitude to Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Abu Kassim, Commissioner to the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commssion and YBM Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz to grace this morning’s event. With that I thank all of you for your presence and participation.

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