Wong Soon Koh’s credibility is questionable

Secretary of DAP National Election Committee and Bukit Bendera Member of Parliament Liew Chin Tong today questioned about Dato Seri Wong Soon Koh’s credibility as an public figure as he has been caught lying four times in the last five days.

Liew began, “First, Wong was saying that he has recently requested the federal government to upgrade the only tertiary college in Sibu, Laila Taib College. During the last by-election in Sibu in May last year, Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak has said that the college will be upgraded to be a university by 2012.”

“Last week, in the presence of Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha, Wong said that the government will not be upgrading the Sibu airport as the people of Sibu had rejected Barisan Nasional in the by-election last year. Kong had the courtesy to rebuke him and assured the public the upgrade will commence as scheduled.” he continued.

“ Thirdly, on the Lanang tolled bridge. Wong had blasted DAP for lying about the fact that the toll concessionaire had built the bridge without incurring any cost. DAP has documented prove to show that the toll concessionaire was compensated with a total of RM 188 million in state government grant and leasehold land valued at RM 78 million totalling RM 266 million. The bridge only cost RM 256 million, which means the concessionaire was overcompensated by almost RM 10 million. Wong has now deflected by saying the public should ask the concessionaire for more details on that instead.”

“Lastly, Wong has audaciously told the public that Najib will not be visiting Sibu in this state election campaigning period as he (Najib) is disappointed with the people of Sibu for voting opposition in the last Sibu by-election. Najib has publicly denied that he would not be visiting Sibu. Who is lying here?”
Liew added.

“ The fact that Wong Soon Koh has been caught lying bare-faced four times in a week does not speak well of his credibility. The people of Sibu and Bawang Assan should judge for themselves if they can still trust him as an elected representative anymore,” Liew ended.

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