DAP wants Taib to go

DAP reiterated its call for Taib to step down because the election result was a vote of no-confident on his leadership.

“Judging from the results state-wide and the spectacular defeat of SUPP president and Deputy Chief Minister George Chan, it is now clearly untenable for Taib to remain in power.

“The people of Sarawak have effectively delivered a vote of no-confidence to the leadership of the chief minister. If he chooses to cling on to power, he will be openly defying the wishes of the people,” said state DAP leader Wong Ho Leng, who was also re-elected as Bukit Assek assemblyperson.

The Sarawak DAP leader also slammed Taib over the sudden swearing in to office.

“It just shows how hungry Taib is to cling onto the chief minister’s post,” said state DAP leader Wong Ho Leng, who was also re-elected as Bukit Assek assemblyperson.

Speaking to reporters at the DAP operations centre in Bukit Assek, Bukit Bendera MP and the party’s point man for Sibu Liew Chin Tong also said that it was a sign of “tension between Petra Jaya and Putrajaya”.

Petra Jaya is the state administrative capital.

“He is clinging onto power that does not seem to be agreeable to Putrajaya,” said Liew.

Taib was sworn in to his seventh term as chief minister minutes after the Election Commission announced that BN had won a two-thirds majority, though results from other seats have not been made official yet.

Meanwhile, Wong said that the party was not caught unawares by their best-ever showing in the polls.

“I had targetted 12. The journalists here can confirm that I have repeatedly said it.

“We got exactly 12 though a lot of the SUPP leaders thought we were exaggerating. We were realistic. We aimed for 12 and we got 12,” he said.

While refusing to comment on who would be the next opposition leader in the state assembly, Wong said that the polls were a milestone for the people of Sarawak.

“This is a clear and bold message to the BN government that under no uncertain terms, they want change,” he said, reading out from a statement.

DAP has won 12 out of the 15 seats it contested, even slaying SUPP heavyweights such as party president George Chan and vice-chief Tiong Thai King.


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