DAP Bukit Bendera Parliamentary Liaison Committee FOR 2011-2012

DAP Bukit Bendera Parliamentary Liaison Committee for 2011-2012

Chairman                           Liew Chin Tong

Deputy Chairman                Koay Teng Hai

Vice Chairman                    Kaliyappan A/L P Renganathan

Secretary                          Lim Hui Ying

Asst Secretary                   Lim Siew Khim

Treasurer                          Yip Goot Siew

Organising Secretary        Lim Cheng Hoe

Publicity Sectetary            Lim Huat Poh

Political Education            Jeffrey Chew

Woman’s Affair Sec            Tan Yong Bee

Committee Members        Geoffrey Gan, Lai Hon Meng, Elumalai A/L Subbiah, Ronnie Tan Kean Seng, Jayabalen A/L Suppen, Wendy Leong, Zairil Johari & Koay Seng Lye

National Delegate            Hong Kean Beng

The DAP Bukit Bendera Parliamentary Liaison Committee Annual General Meeting on 6th September 2011 at Wayton Court, Jalan Burma, resolved

1.To commend and support the Pakatan Rakyat Penang State Government under the leadership of DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng to reinvigorate the economy of Penang and to enhance good governance in the State;

2.To support the Pakatan Rakyat National Leadership to continue to provide alternative leadership for the nation and to win the mandate to form the next federal government;

3.To reiterate the need to incorporate human rights principles into governance at all levels;

4.To endorse the eight demands by BERSIH to bring forth clean and fair elections;

5.To call for improvement in public transport in the state of Penang and nationally so as to move away from the mindset of moving cars to moving people;

6.To support the campaign for a bicycle lane – a community effort.

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