The struggle for Palestine is for peace and freedom, not for UMNO’s cheap political gain

Media Statement by DAP International Secretary Liew Chin Tong on Wednesday 22nd February 2012.

1. The DAP upholds the ideals of justice, freedom and solidarity, not only in our own beloved homeland but also in every country in the world where people are being oppressed, regardless of race and religion. As such we stand with the disenfranchised people of Palestine and have consistently exert pressure on the international community to end the conflict and violence in Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

2. The DAP acknowledges the position of the Malaysian government on the conflict. In his statement to the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York on 27 September 2011, Foreign Minister Anifah Aman declared that the Malaysian Government, among others, “supports the application of the Palestinians to the United Nations and welcome the readiness of both parties to hold talks on the basis of the existing international legal framework. Malaysia fully supports the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people for an independent State of Palestine, based on the two-state solution, taking into account the security concerns for both parties”.

3. The DAP has always been supporting the struggle of the Palestinians and has condemned the violence of the Israeli regime against the community. As early as 1975, the then DAP Secretary-General Lim Kit Siang, in the presence of P.L.O officials, committed the DAP to support the Palestinian struggle. In the last sitting of the Parliament, DAP Member of Parliament for Bakri, Er Teck Hwa was chased out of the Dewan Rakyat for pressing the Minister of International Trade and Industry to clarify the matter on the alleged trade relationship between Malaysia and Israel.

4. The DAP is disappointed with the Government of Malaysia’s handling of the complex Middle East conflict, reducing it to cheap political games in Malaysia.

5. It is tragic that the Government of Malaysia is more interested in taking advantage on the plights of the Palestinians to secure UMNO’s political position locally rather than advancing the legitimate cause and aspirations of the oppressed Palestinians.

Liew Chin Tong
DAP International Secretary

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