DAP Condemns the Israeli Military Strikes in Gaza

Media Statement by DAP International Secretary Liew Chin Tong on 15th November 2012

DAP Condemns the Israeli Military Strikes in Gaza

DAP condemns the current Israeli military strikes that have killed 11 people, including children, and wounded 100 more in the Gaza Strip in the Palestine, and demands that the Israeli regime cease such a barbaric aggression immediately.

Israel had claimed that the current attacks were targeted at “militants” but in reality it is the Palestinian civilians, women and children included, who suffered these cruel military strikes.

DAP also regrets the stance of President Barack Obama’s support for Israeli attacks in the name of self-defence. It is difficult to justify “self-defence” when the attacks were made on the Palestinian civilian population.

The United States should have realised that its continuous unconditional support for Israel has made it more difficult to achieve peace in West Asia, in particular ensuring security, safety and dignity for the Palestinian people.

Liew Chin Tong

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