On the candidature of the late Sdr Ng Lam Hua

Media statement by DAP Political Education Director and MP for Kluang on 3rd October 2013 in Kluang

When attending the wake for the late Sdr. Ng Lam Hua, former state assemblyman for Mengkibol, on Monday 30th September 2013 and during his funeral on 1st October 2013, I was asked by members of the media to comment on the candidature of the late Sdr. Ng Lam Hua in the 13th General Election.

I was not comfortable with the idea of commenting on such subject before the funeral of the late Sdr. Ng hence I promised the media I would issue a clarification some days later.

The late Sdr. Ng Lam Hua, who passed away on the morning of 29th September 2013, was the assemblyman for Mengkibol but was not fielded as a candidate in GE13.

The DAP Johor Candidature Committee did not recommend Sdr. Ng Lam Hua as a candidate to the National Candidature Committee, which comprised National Chairman Sdr. Karpal Singh, National Deputy Chairman Sdr. Tan Kok Wai, Secretary-General Sdr. Lim Guan Eng and Parliamentary Leader Sdr. Lim Kit Saing.

The DAP Johor Candidature Committee also did not recommend the two other then incumbents, namely Sdr. Ong Kow Meng and Sdr. Gwee Tiong Hiang.

While there were differing opinions as to who to field in the seat of Mengkibol, the crux of matter is that the National Candidature Committee did not receive a recommendation from the Johor Candidature Committee to nominate Sdr Ng Lam Hua.

With this clarification, I hope to put the matter to rest out of respect for the deceased.

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