Johor DAP to launch “Love Malaysia, Save Malaysia” campaign

Media Conference Statement by Johor DAP Chairman Liew Chin Tong on 17th February 2014 at Pusat Komuniti Stulang
Johor DAP to launch “Love Malaysia, Save Malaysia” campaign

The third meeting of Johor DAP State Committee (2014-2015) in Batu Pahat yesterday (Sunday, 16th February 2014) supported the call by DAP Parliamentary Leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang to launch a “Love Malaysia, Save Malaysia” campaign.

Rising tension fueled by irresponsible elements, one way or another, closely associated with UMNO, has been detected. It is clear that the chief beneficiary of such tension is UMNO as the manipulation of the three “R” issues, namely race, religion and royalty is the only surviving tricks up in UMNO’s sleeves.

Through dialogues and conversations across ethnic, economic and gender borders, the “Love Malaysia, Save Malaysia” campaign wishes to promote a new political culture that is founded upon tolerance, mutual understanding and consensus.

The “Love Malaysia, Save Malaysia” campaign in Johor will be headed by Sdr Mahdzir Ibrahim, member of Johor DAP State Committee.

The Johor DAP State Committee also endorses fully the national DAP’s “Impian Malaysia” movement to bring national focus on to the most important swing states of Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

Johor DAP would like to reiterate the fact that our elected representatives and state leaders have three key functions – constituency, political and policy – to perform in shaping a better future for Johor and Malaysia.

To enhance Johor DAP’s policy work, six Spokespersons for various campaigns and policy matters had been appointed: ~
1) Say No to GST Campaign – S. Ramakrisnan
2) Better Local Government Campaign – Gan Peck Cheng
3) Water Watch Campaign – Tan Hong Pin
4) Crime-Free Johor Campaign – Liow Cai Tung
5) Spokesperson for Economic Affairs – Wong Shu Qi
6) Spokesperson for Environment – Cheo Yee How

At the 25th January 2014 meeting in Kahang, three more Spokespersons were appointed,

TURUN Spokesperson – George Poh
Save Pengerang Spokesperson – Er Teck Hwa
Iskandar Malaysia Monitoring Group Spokesperson – Chen Kah Eng
Yesterday’s meeting decided to appoint Sdr. Jason Jasob to head the Labour Rights Bureau after Sdr P. Sivakumar declined the earlier appointment.

Other bureau chiefs appointed on 25th January 2014 are Orang Asli Rights (S. Ramakrishnan); SME (Chua Wee Beng), Agriculture and Rural Development (Mahdzir Ibrahim; deputy Lim Eng Guan); Consumer Rights (Sandara Segaran a/l Arumugam); Education (Yeo Tun Seong); Young Voters Engagement (Liow Cai Tung).

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