DAP’s 2013 party re-election was above board, why question it now?

CEC 929 re-election

Media statement by DAP Johor Chairman Liew Chin Tong on 16th May 2014 in Kluang

Johor MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau Chairman Jason Teoh should have checked his facts before he opened his mouth on behalf of disgruntled former DAP member S. Kogilavani.

I refer to a news item in The Star today (page 15) as well as in other media outlets which reported that Jason Teoh held a press conference on behalf of Kogilavani to imply that the DAP national re-election on 29 September 2013 was not properly conducted.

Kogilavani claimed that she had resigned from the party in May 2013 yet was still invited to vote in the September re-election.

I wonder why she only brought this up eight months later and why Jason Teoh did not bother to check the facts. Is there any sinister motive behind her claim? Is it raised because there are two ongoing by-elections which DAP is participating in?

The facts are simple. The 29th September 2013 party re-election was forced upon DAP by the Registrar of Societies which claimed that the December 2012 party election was not properly conducted.

The September 2013 party re-election was essentially a re-voting process based on exactly the same delegate list and candidate list at the time of the original December 2012 party election. Even delegates who were sacked during the course of 2013 were invited back to vote to ensure that there was not an inch of room for the ROS to attack DAP on technical grounds.

The use of the December 2012 delegate list was announced before the re-election.

I suggest that Jason Teoh look into the mirror and concern himself with the phantom voters in his own party before he attempts to venture into DAP’s affairs.

Liew Chin Tong

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