Causeway toll wars creating a “wall” on the Causeway to separate two neighbours

Johor Causeway

‎Media statement by DAP Johor Chairman Liew Chin Tong ‎released at a press conference after “Forum Kedai Kopi” in Bukit Pasir, Pagoh on 13 September 2014

The ‎Land Transport Authority of Singapore yesterday announced its own version of toll hike from 1st October to “match” Malaysia’s sudden toll hike on 1st August.

With both sides now both increasing the toll rates by 470 percent each, it is now almost impossible for ordinary Malaysians to commute on a daily basis across the Causeway.

With this tit-for-tat move, it is as though a “wall” has been erected on the Causeway to separate two neighbours.

The following effects can be expected:

1) The Iskandar Development Region, which is heavily relying on its proximity to Singapore for investments, is as good as gone;

2) ‎The local economy in Southern Johor especially small traders, tourism, logistics sectors in Johor Bahru is likely to face chilling prospects;

3) There will definitely be an impact on the national economy.

The current toll for cars leaving Singapore will rise to S$3.80 (RM9.62) from S$1.20 while vans and light goods vehicles will see an increase to S$5.80 from S$1.90.

Taxis and buses will pay S$1.90 and S$3.10 instead of S$0.60 and S$1, respectively.

For vehicles entering Singapore, LTA will charge $2.70 for cars, $4 (vans/light goods vehicles), $5.30 (heavy vehicles), $1.40 (taxis) and $2.20 (buses).

Since the EDL/CIQ toll hike started in August, Prime Minister ‎Najib Razak has not spoken on the subject as yet. It is time for Najib to understand the plight of ordinary Malaysians and show leadership to resolve the crisis.

Liew Chin Tong

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