The Costs of Inequality- Not just a case of ‘Poor Envy’ by Nicholas Chan

I would like to share a short email and a piece on inequality by Nicholas Chan, socio-political research analyst of Penang Institute. Worth reading.

“What you said in the Chong Eu project roundtable strikes me, about the centrality of jobs. I’ve seen in reports that you are talking about housing in Johor too. In my opinion, Johor now is exactly the testing ground where you can see rampant rentier capitalism causing massive inequality to the people at high social costs.

Unlike most articles that has taken the angle to talk about how bad income inequality is in our country, this article talks about the costs of it. It elaborates on two models that discusses how inequality is actually causing the many plights of the country, housing prices, debts and so on. It is not just a case of simply, as some would put it, poor envy.

I hope the paper can help in your advocacy for more jobs-centric development, but not condo-centric ones.”

The Costs of Inequality- Not just a case of ‘Poor Envy’ by Nicholas Chan

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