RM 200 billion Carey Island Port proposal

MCA President and Minister of Transport Liow Tiong Lai told a joint Chinese media interview that the Government is now pushing for a RM 200 billion Carey Island Port plan.

Prime Minister Najib Razak and Liow need to inform Malaysians whether this is a private port entirely funded by private investors from China? Or the Government would have to fork out massive cost for infrastructure?

Port Klang Authority Chairman and former Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha told the Edge Financial Weekly (23rd January 2017) that “the RM 200 billion is not only for the construction of the port. Maybe, the port will take up RM 20 billion to RM 30 billion (of the cost); there could be (other works like) reclaimation and (constructing the) breakwater. Now there is only the SKVE (South Klang Valley Expressway) there; if you want to develop the whole place, I think (you need) a lot more highways and all the (other) infrastructure; (you are not only talking about) roads, drainage, utilities, electricity, water, telecommunications…now you understand the RM 200 billion (tag)?”

Who pays for what is an important question.

RM 200 billion is a lot of money for Malaysians of multiple generations to pay if the proposed project fails like the Port Klang Free Zone. For comparison, the annual national budget for 2017 is RM 260 billion.

Malaysians still don’t understand why there is a need for a new port in Klang when there are already proposals by Westports to expand. Will it cannibalise the existing Northport and Westports?

And when there is so much capacity for container handling and even possible glut in the Straits of Malacca, is the project viable?

Or is this another property play using the proposed port as a front?

Will this be like the Melaka Gateway Project which I have previously argued that has no commercial potential as a port but is cover for a possible future navy base of sorts for China?

Malaysians deserve to be informed on the above questions.

Media statement (2) by DAP National Political Education Director and MP for Kluang Liew Chin Tong on 30th January 2017

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