Stop using government resources for GE14



I am appalled and shocked with the blatant use of the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) officers and vehicles in what was an explicit political event by caretaker transport minister Liow Tiong Lai in Yong Peng last night.


The event, which was primarily an MCA event to shore up support for my rival Dr Wee Ka Siong and announce MCA’s candidates for GE14, used JPJ personnel and vehicles to be “outriders” for Liow’s entourage to the event. I also wonder how much of government machinery was used to ferry 40 busses of “members” into town.


Under normal circumstances, it is already highly inappropriate to use government resources for a political party’s event. What more during a time when Liow is only a caretaker minister.


This blatant exploitation of government personnel and vehicles must stop immediately. And Liow needs to explain why he needed to use JPJ’s officers to be his outriders.


He is entitled to request the service of PDRM during his official government assignments. But this was no government event.


I, therefore, call on Liow to explain and apologize to the nation why he needed outriders in Yong Peng last night. I also call on all ministers in the caretaker government to commit not to use any government facilities like cars, jets and helicopters for the purposes of elections





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