Farewell Sdr. Ahmad Ton, DAP stalwart and warrior

With deepest regret, I wish to inform the public that one of my predecessors as DAP Johor Chairman, Sdr. Ahmad Ton who was 70, has passed away at 6.20am this morning in Batu Pahat. 

A Batu Pahat native, Sdr. Ahmad Ton joined DAP in 1975, during a time when very few Malays would have thought of joining DAP. He told me during one of our chats that he was impressed by DAP’s commitment to non-racial politics. But his family did not support his entry into DAP, so he had to wait till the passing of his father to join DAP. 

Sdr. Ahmad Ton was Chairman (2004-2005), Vice Chairman (2005-2014) and long time state committee member of DAP Johor; DAP National Deputy Secretary General (2004-2008) and long time CEC member from 1982 to 2012.

Since his maiden attempt standing for election in 1982 until 2008, Sdr. Ahmad Ton fearlessly contested the most difficult of seats (including former Barisan Nasional strongholds Tanjong Piai and Labis). Those years were the darkest hours for DAP, but Sdr. Ahmad Ton firmly stood by the party. 

The journey of DAP in the former Barisan Nasional fortress of Johor was never easy for our veterans. Being a Malay in DAP in the previous Johor political milieu was doubly hard for Sdr. Ahmad Ton. 

It was Sdr. Ahmad Ton’s strong will and a warrior’s pursuit of permanent struggle for a better Malaysia that paved the way for Pakatan Harapan to finally win nationally and in Johor in 2018. 

My deepest condolences to Sdr Ahmad Ton’s family for their loss. And, on behalf of DAP, I am deeply grateful to Sdr. Ahmad Ton for his loyalty, service and sacrifices.

Thank you, comrade, and farewell, my friend. 

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