DAP National GE15 Preparatory Committee

The DAP National GE15 Preparatory Committee met Secretary-General Sdr Anthony Loke today to set the directions and mechanics of a coordinated national election campaign in anticipation of the upcoming general election.

Earlier on 12 April, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) appointed the core members of this committee, namely:

Chairman: Sdr Liew Chin Tong (Deputy Secretary-General)


  • Sdri Teresa Kok ( National Vice Chairperson)
  • Sdr Tengku Zulpuri Shah bin Raja Puji (Deputy Secretary-General)
  • Sdr V. Sivakumar (Deputy Secretary-General)
  • Sdr Steven Sim (National Organising Secretary)
  • Sdri Teo Nie Ching (National Publicity Secretary)

Sdr Anthony Loke instructed the party to activate its machinery at all levels and be “battle-ready” by August this year.

All state committees are to form the respective state election preparation committees immediately, as instructed by the Secretary-General.

All state election preparation committee chairpersons, otherwise known as state election directors, will be co-opted as members of the national election committee.

Today’s meeting also appointed Sdri Wong May Ing (Perak DAP State Committee member) as the committee’s executive secretary, and Sdr Khoo Poay Tiong (Assistant National Organising Secretary) as an additional member of the committee tasked to liaise with the Election Commission.

Liew Chin Tong, DAP National Election Director / National GE15 Preparatory Committee Chairman

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