Is Najib the new Trump?

Former President Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden in November 2020.

But against the tradition, he refused to concede and he preached to the Trump echo chamber that his victory was stolen from him.

He riled up his supporters and eventually, on 6 January 2021, they attacked the Capitol, where the United States Congress sits.

On Tuesday 16 August, the writing’s on the wall for Najib Razak when his request to postpone the hearing for 3-4 months and his attempt to adduce fresh evidence were both denied by the judges.

Najib has now turned to Trump’s playbook. He is signaling to his hardcore supporters that the court is victimizing him and denying him justice in a conspiracy of the highest level.

Najib no longer cares about UMNO winning the next election. To win an election is to win support across the board but Najib is just thinking about his own survival. He is trying to burn the house down.

And UMNO President Zahid Hamidi is echoing his call. They are casting aspersions on the legal system.

The broader society must see the danger.

Are Najib and UMNO, through Zahid, preparing the grounds for a January 6 type of disturbances? I hope UMNO knows where to draw the line with Najib.

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