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Hi Robots!

Thank you MSC Cyberport for a great chat on the future of Johor economy, technology and use of robots. Malaysia could have been at the forefront of robotic technology but we are lagging behind. There used to be an abundance of cheap unskilled foreign labour…

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Rental Housing

This morning, I asked a supplementary question in the Johor State Assembly to the EXCO for Housing and Local Government Dato’ Haji Mohd Jafni bin Md Shukor on the question of housing.  Housing is a major concern raised by many ADUNs. The Speaker bundled 5…

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Driving cars should be a luxury instead of necessity

I fully support DAP Secretary-General Sdr Anthony Loke’s call for the government to address the serious traffic situation in the country, especially in cities. As former Minister of Transport, Anthony is concerned about the increasingly serious traffic congestion which inevitably would cause anxieties and mental…

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