Tweets on Bajet 2012

#Bajet2012 total expenditure RM232.83bn; Budget 2011 original amount RM214bn. Pakatan Budget 2012 RM220bn.

#Bajet2012 Najib projects a 5-5.5 percent growth rate. Pakatan projects a 4-4.5 percent growth rate.

#Bajet2012 Najib’s deficit 4.7% of GDP (on d basis of 5-5.5% growth) while Pakatan’s deficit is 4.4% (on d basis of 4-4.5% growth)

@mkula: Belanjaan berjumlah RM 232.83 Najib 2012 RM181.58b iaitu 78% utk perbelanjaan mengurus dan RM51.25b atau 22% untuk Pembangunan”

#Bajet2012 BN’s budgeted revenue RM186bn; PR’s RM181bn.

#Bajet2012 ini boleh dinamakan “Wang Ehsan MatSabu” “Surviving kin of d unsung heroes of d Emergency to get RM3,000 one-off payment”

#Bajet2012 PM kata masuk era kepolisan baru. Tapi “Keselatamatan Dlm Negeri (PGA, FRU dll) dpt RM1.6bn; siasatan jenayah RM504juta

#Bajet2012 PM kata era insurgency dah lalu tapi “risikan keselamatan dpt RM381juta “utk activiti risikan ke atas ancaman komunis”

#Bajet2012 indebted 4 a longer period “My First Home scheme house price cap increased to RM 400,000 from RM220,000”

#Bajet2012 #BNtiruPR Najib is announcing policies for individual taxi drivers

#Bajet2012 BN’s budget for Prime Minister’s Department RM13.51bn; Pakatan RM5.1bn

#Bajet2012 peruntukan utk agensi propaganda BTN RM58juta; untuk Parlimen hanya RM82juta

#Bajet2012 #BNtiruPR Govt to provide a one-off assistance of RM500 to households with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below”

#Bajet2012 My comment 1: BN’s growth figure (5-5.5%) is extremely optimistic in d current global environment.

#Bajet2012 My comment 2: it’s jobs for the big boys like mydin etc; no concern for jobs n income for ordinary folks.

#Bajet2012My comment 3: it is a budget to raise election funds for UMNO.

#Bajet2012My comment 4: the inability to reform makes me feels that this is likely Barisan Nasional’s final budget ever.

#Bajet2012 EconomicReport pg7 “d construction of d 100-storey WarisanMerdeka wil begin in 2012 n is expectd 2 be completed in 2017.

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