Malaysians would be better off if our institutions are adapted to suit Malaysia’s new normal of having coalition governments formed by parties of similar strength. Not having a single dominant party in the foreseeable future would help us to position ourselves to achieve stable governments and coalitions worthy of voters’ support.

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Melaka state election: Rising from defeat

The preparation for the next battle starts today. It’s the time to reset and inject new game changers into national politics so to give hope to the people and for them to continue to see Pakatan Harapan as the beacon of hope.
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The Melaka Imperative

If you asked me whether Pakatan Harapan would win the Melaka state election, my immediate response would be “I don’t know.” A more nuanced response would be “depends on voters’…
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PAS: A decline in struggle

After the 2015 split between the conservatives and the progressives which left to form Parti Amanah Negara, PAS is ideologically uniformed though not without internal friction. The latest fault-line within…
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A united Pakatan Harapan

Media statement by DAP National Political Education Director Liew Chin Tong in Bemban, Melaka, on 30th October 2021 There is no doubt that the Melaka state election is extremely challenging for…
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The great political vacuum

There is a myth circulating among the high circles of Kuala Lumpur and beyond, that no matter what, UMNO will win handsomely in the next general election. According to this…
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