Malaysians would be better off if our institutions are adapted to suit Malaysia’s new normal of having coalition governments formed by parties of similar strength. Not having a single dominant party in the foreseeable future would help us to position ourselves to achieve stable governments and coalitions worthy of voters’ support.

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Key agenda for parliamentary reform

Wan Junaidi was Pandikar’s deputy from 2008 to 2013. Pandikar described, “kami terseksa bersama”. As speaker and deputy speaker, Pandikar and Wan Junaidi both suffered at the hands of the executive and more specifically, the ministers for parliamentary affairs. 
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We shall overcome

We need every politician to recognise that their role is more than just giving handouts. They are elected to think, deliberate, and decide on good public policies for the society and the nation. Democracy needs to deliver progress and improvement to daily lives, and the people’s wellbeing.
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Time for a Covid reset

A year ago, I published my book “The Great Reset” in a modest attempt to explain how the once-in-a-century Covid-19 crisis is going to reset our politics, the economy and…
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