Malaysians would be better off if our institutions are adapted to suit Malaysia’s new normal of having coalition governments formed by parties of similar strength. Not having a single dominant party in the foreseeable future would help us to position ourselves to achieve stable governments and coalitions worthy of voters’ support.

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Good Politics as a Force for Positive Change

We need activist, competent and empathetic governments at all levels, which exemplify good politics, as part of a collective force for positive change. In this regard, DAP politicians including local councillors can do wonders if we keep in mind our unified purpose and are armed with a common set of agendas for the benefit of ordinary Malaysians.
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‘Gang Ustaz’ versus ‘Gang Publika’

PAS is split between Gang Publika and Gang Ustaz. The former supports Tan Sri Muhyiddin and works very closely with Hamzah. Publika denotes Hamzah’s war room. Gang Ustaz are those who want to work with UMNO in the context of Muafakat Nasional.
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The 4th March earthquake its and aftershocks

What would Bersatu do? The ruling party has power and money. It has no love from the voters. The danger is that the party would use all means available to the incumbent government to continue its rule. UMNO may have to anticipate that it will be banned. There will be more buying of elected reps. Emergency may be prolonged. More opposition figures will be charged in courts on flimsy charges.
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A Year After Sheraton Coup – Why I remain an optimist

The Sheraton coup is an overreach by those who believe in the idea that a Malay-only government is good for the Malays. The last year is a living proof that a Malay-only government doesn’t guarantee that it is to the benefit of the Malays, not to mention Malaysians. The “dua darjat” outcry is so loud among the Malays because they felt it particularly strong: those who rule in the name of the Malays are causing harm to the lives of ordinary Malays.
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Appoint Khairy as Health Minister

I tweeted a week ago that if a non-politician could be appointed as the Health Minister, perhaps the Prime Minister’s Health Advisor Tan Sri Jemilah Mahmood could be a good choice. If it has to be an UMNO politician to avoid political problems, at least Khairy appears to be so much more competent than Adham Baba.
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How political mismanagement has fuelled Malaysia’s coronavirus surge

Dr Adham Baba, the new health minister, made a disastrous first television appearance on March 19 in which he told the public to drink warm water to “flush” the virus down to the stomach. The doctor, who used to run several small-town private clinics, was roundly panned on social media and instructed by Muhyiddin’s media operatives to disappear from public view.
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