Social Justice

Striving for equitable opportunities to ensure that no community is left behind. Building inclusive policies and social institutions to empower each person to fulfil their aspirations.

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On Muhyiddin and Malay votes

Muhyiddin agreed with me that Bersatu is the smallest party with the least ground infrastructure among the three Malay parties competing to contest in the same seats as well as making the same political claims.
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The Challenge of Governing in a Post-truth Multiethnic Democracy

The truth is, we are governing in a post-truth environment and we who believe in the Malaysian dream need to step up to ensure that no racial confrontation takes place. The mandate given to us is to govern in a coalition government to secure Malaysian democracy for all Malaysians from all backgrounds.
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Cultural confidence and mutual trust

As a society, we lack confidence in our own identity therefore we see the Other as threat. Some Chinese fear that the Malay officialdom would attempt to eliminate their cultural identity. Some Malays think that the Chinese are scheming to dominate the Malays. There are politicians and media that thrive on such fear and suspicion.
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The future of federalism

How do we arrange and re-arrange the institutions of our three-tier government – federal, state and local governments – will remain an important subject for Malaysia for the years to…
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