Shared Prosperity

We need to rebuild a dynamic and sustainable economy where Malaysians from all walks of life can live with dignity. Deliver growth that creates decent jobs, with reforms that would lead to more resilience, competitiveness and inclusivity in our economy.

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Governing for the precariat

For Malaysia to hold its social fabric coherently, and, more narrowly, for the Unity ticket to win the 16th General Election, economic policies must be shaped to result in general…
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MADANI Economy: Empowering the People

I refer to the “Madani Economy: Empowering the People” launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim this morning. It is a clear indication that the government is ready to…
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Understanding economic insecurity

Nearly 30 percent of Malaysians polled by Gallup in 2018 felt that they did not have enough money for food, while 23 percent reported not having sufficient money for shelter.…
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