Shared Prosperity

We need to rebuild a dynamic and sustainable economy where Malaysians from all walks of life can live with dignity. Deliver growth that creates decent jobs, with reforms that would lead to more resilience, competitiveness and inclusivity in our economy.

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Agenda Ekonomi Saksama

Amidst an increasing global realisation that inequality hurts growth, general well-being of the population and, ultimately, stability, DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng articulates an Agenda Ekonomi Saksama to orient DAP…
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Pakatan Rakyat: Building an Economy for All

Barisan Nasional paraded its “55 years” of track record” in “fulfillment of promises” – Janji Ditepati –  during the Prime Minister Najib Razak’s recent roadshows and on National Day 2012.…
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A leaner Prime Minister’s Department

ANGGARAN PERBELANJAAN PERSEKUTUAN 2011 m/s 95 The Prime Minister’s Department of Pakatan Rakyat will cost just a third of the budget allocated to the current PMD. The Pakatan Rakyat Alternative…
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