Institutional Reform

Defending our system of parliamentary democracy by implementing institutional reforms. Strengthening the system of check and balance so that no individual has absolute power.

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Is Najib the future of UMNO?

If a general election is held today, those who voted for Najib might continue to support him. No other UMNO leaders is holding on to that base as firmly as Najib. That is how bad the situation in UMNO, controlled from outside by someone who has the money.
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A mislaid path for PAS

The existing arrangement of Muafakat Nasional between PAS and UMNO is not as straightforward as one plus one equals two. There’s more to this than meets the eye. As a…
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A reform agenda to remake democracy

It is best that the IPCMC reform be read and promoted in the entirety. The central spirit of the Tun Dzaiddin Report, as outlined in the second paragraph of the Strategic Objective, is to make Royal Malaysian Police or PDRM more people-centric.
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The future of federalism

How do we arrange and re-arrange the institutions of our three-tier government – federal, state and local governments – will remain an important subject for Malaysia for the years to…
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Najib – morphine to the dying UMNO

Over the Cameron Highlands by-election, Najib rebranded his image with the #MaluApaBossku campaign and he became a social media sensation. The political impact of how the beleaguered ex-PM is transformed…
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